The Glass House Mountains are a cluster of thirteen peaks that line our landscape.

Many of the peaks are protected in the Glass House Mountains National Park, and are listed on the Queensland and National Heritage Register as a landscape of national significance.

The peaks are known as

  • Mount Beerburrum 278m
  • Mount Beerwah 556m
  • Mount Coochin 235m
  • Mount Coonowrin (Crookneck) 377m
  • Mount Elimbah (The Saddleback) 109m
  • Mount Ngungun 253m
  • Mount Tibberoowuccum 220m
  • Mount Tibrogargan 364m
  • Mount Tunbubudla (The Twins) 338
  • Wild Horse Mountain (Round Mountain) 123m
  • Mount Miketeebumulgrai 199m
  • Mount Ninderry 155m
  • Mount Coolum 208m

The Glass House Mountains were named by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770 – after the peaks reminded him of the glass furnaces in his home county of Yorkshire.

These Mountains are intrusive plugs—remnants of volcanic activity that occurred approximately 25–27 million years ago. Molten rock filled small vents or intruded as bodies beneath the surface and solidified into hard rocks.

Millions of years of erosion have removed the surrounding exteriors of the volcanic cones and softer sandstone rocks, leaving the magnificent landscape features you see today. Vertical columns that formed as the volcanic mountains cooled can be seen at Mount Beerwah and Mount Ngungun.

The Glass House Mountains area was a special meeting place where many First Nations Peoples gathered for ceremonies and trading. The father Tibrogargan, Beerwah the mother, and their many children (including eldest son Coonowrin). This place is considered spiritually significant with many ceremonial sites still present and protected today.

Jinibara and Kabi Kabi peoples request that visitors do not climb the culturally-sacred Beerwah and Tibrogargan peaks.

The bush here sustained people for thousands of years. The Glass House Mountains area provided many resources from a varied and rich environment that included river systems, open forests, coastal wetlands and mountain forests.

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