How to add your business to our site

We have tried to make this process as simple and straight forward as possible. Here we will outline the  few steps so that you know what’s happening.

First, you will be able to navigate through the site to find what you are after by looking in these two areas of the website – see below.


We suggest you get 3 basic things prepared before you start entering your details. Read here.  When you have these ready then go for it.

Step 1.  Choose what adverting package you want.

99% of businesses will just want a single listing $55 inc gst for a 12 month listing. But if you have multiple locations or listings then we have the “multistore” package.

Step 2. Enter your business details


Once you have entered all your business details for your listing, click the “PREVIEW” button at the bottom to view your advert. NOTE: be patient while we upload your images and compose your listing.

If you need to make a change to the details click the “EDIT LISTING” button.
If you are happy with the advert then click the “SUBMIT LISTING” button in bottom right corner.

Step 3. Pay at checkout

If you do happen to have a coupon – enter it here and click the “apply” button.
Once payment is made you will receive by email an invoice receipt.

Step 4. We will check out your advert and publish it.

Once we approve your listing it will go live and be seen and we will send you an email to notify you of the approval.

You will be logged into your account “Dashboard” – and from here you can see all your listings and edit it or your account details. Please note that because we have to approve the advert and make live that it wont show here until it is approved.
Any further changes you do make after this will also need to be approved. 

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